Monday, August 21, 2017

One Day in Cincinnati

When we went to Ohio in May to see my new nephew we spent one beautiful day in downtown Cincinnati.  My sister in law took the day off work and took my niece and nephew out of school for the day.  It was like a mini vacay for a day!  I love Cincinnati so much and I swear they waited til we moved to finally make all the improvements they talked about for years before we did.  I'm glad we get to enjoy them now though.  The city is as pretty as ever with so many fun shops and parks.  We started out our day getting donuts in Over-the-Rhine at Holtman's Donuts.  They are known for their maple bacon donut and it was fabulous.  There is a donut place here in Clearwater that all of our friends love and I hate their donuts.  They just don't do it right.  Too many toppings and the donuts are too big...which I realize sounds weird, but trust me, Holtman's does it right.  Wish I could have one of those donuts right now!  

After all that deliciousness we just walked around to all the shops near there.  I wasn't sure if the boys would like doing that, but they didn't complain a bit.  We found this amazing furniture and home decor place that was in an amazing historic building with three stories and a glass floor so you could see up through it to the skylight in the roof.  We all loved it.  My girl is not a fan of heights so it was funny watching her walk on the glass floor.  It was freaking her out.  

We went to a bunch of other eclectic shops and decided to have lunch on the rooftop at one of the many restaurants in that part of town.  The kids loved it and my girl especially because she is a city person like her mama.  After lunch we decided instead of driving to Smale Park we would take the new streetcar.  It was great.  We got a little tour of downtown that way and it was cheap too.  

Smale Park is great and I so wish it had been there when we lived there.  The kids had tons of fun exploring the playground.  My nephew had brought a football and he was throwing it to a bunch of kids who were all using the big slide.  I love how kids will just play with anyone.  What if adults were more like that?

We didn't stay all evening, but it was a fun little day trip and I'm so glad we got to do it.  I didn't take my big camera so these are all iPhone pics. 

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