Saturday, August 26, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 34 ~

You guys, my girl is a cheerleader!  Last night was her first game and she did great and she looked so adorable in her cheer uniform.  Her bow is like bigger than her head but I kinda love it.  I'm so happy that she is getting the opportunity to experience a fun part of high school life while still being homeschooled.  It's really the best of both worlds.  The fact that I was a cheerleader in high school just makes it that much better because now I'm totally reliving all the memories I made as well.  I think it's crazy that a couple months ago this wasn't even on our radar and now my girl is out there cheering with two of her besties.  They didn't do any stunts this game because they had only practiced five times before this game, but I'm really looking forward to the next game so I can see my girl as a flyer.  I'm sure this blog will see many more cheer pics in the future.  Now I totally want to get a zoom lens too.  I've never felt like I needed one before, but this sports photography could get addicting with the right equipment.  I had a lot of fun trying out new things with the stadium lights.  Here are my favorites!

They had a lightning delay so there was plenty of selfie time. :)

Love these sweet girls!

I have no idea what is going on here but I think it's cute.

My fav.  I didn't know stadium lights would be so fun to shoot under.

It's great that my girl has friends on the squad because that means we have friends in the stands too!

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