Friday, January 4, 2013

Blog Headers ~ 2012 ~

I know many of you were expecting a Photo Friday post today, but I've decided against doing it this year.  I loved doing it and I love looking back at previous year's posts so it was a hard decision.  I feel like it has run its course and I've learned so much from getting out my camera and taking new photos each week and trying to pick something worthy of posting.  In the end though I feel like it has hurt my blogging.  Only because I tend to hold off on posting something because I want to save it for Photo Friday.  Then I'll find another photo I like better in the course of the week and I'll end up not posting the first thing at all.  I'll tell myself I'll do another post, but I don't.  I think I just want this year to be a little less structured.  It's probably because I have so much structure in my life now with homeschooling that I suddenly want to have a little more freedom in other areas of my life.  After all, this is my hobby, so I want it to feel less like something else on my to do list and more like something fun.  I'm hoping this means I'll actually do more blogging instead of less.  So, my first post of 2013 is actually just a lazy post showing off all my blog headers from last year.  I like looking back at them.  Here are 2010 and 2011's if you are interested.  I want to do a post with my favorite photos from 2012 too.  And I still need to blog more Christmas photos!  We still have one more Christmas to celebrate tomorrow with my husband's side of the family so I'm going to wait and do one giant post.  Sorry if this was a disappointing post, but I promise that 2013 is gonna be a great year over here at Perfection is my Enemy, so please don't forget about me and check back often!

Wow, what a quick way to see some of my favorite photos from 2012 all in the same place!  Check back soon!


  1. I liked it! Great pictures of the kids!

  2. Thanks, Christy! I think July is my favorite. Probably because I'm sitting her freezing and would love for it to be summer!


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