Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

I realize that it is halfway through January, and Christmas feels like it was ages ago now, but I'm going to post about it anyway! I've been meaning to post some photos for a while, but I seriously took so many photos this year that it took me a while to get through them all.  We had a wonderful Christmas season filled with lots of family celebrations and some low key fun as well.  I'll just tell you about it as I share some (and by some I mean tons of) pictures...

We started off the season with my daughter having a little solo in the children's Christmas program at our church.  I was so proud of her!

My mom and I took my daughter downtown to see the nutcracker for the first time. We definitely started a new tradition because it was so fun!

My aunt had her Christmas celebration early this year which worked out great since almost everyone was able to come.  It was so nice for my kids to get to play with some of their cousins who we rarely see.

We did a white elephant exchange which was a pretty big hit with everyone.  My mom got a singing was pretty hilarious.

Some of the kids checking it out.  I'm just glad it's at her house and not mine!

Baby tricks.

I love this picture of the cousins!  There were two missing that night and we've got two more 'on the way', so next year's picture will be fun!

We made it to see Santa just in the nick of time for them to give him their lists.  My son took his Lego catalog and pointed to a bunch of different things he wanted before Santa gently nudged him off his lap. :) 

They weren't fooled this year...they both said this wasn't the real Santa and that he must just relay their lists to the real one since he can't possibly be at every mall and store in the world.

Christmas Eve at my mom's house.

My daughter got a fake breathing dog from my mom.  She begged and begged for it while we were on our trip to Florida and she never forgot all year.  I'm glad my mom went back and got it for her. :)

I love this picture of my sweet girl.

My son got this amazing lamp from his aunt!  He loves it. That's all the cousins (minus one who wasn't there) in their Christmas jammies in the top photo.  

Another cousin pic.  These are all my mom's grandkids.

Christmas morning.

You thought I was exaggerating when I said tons of photos, right?  Yep, one last celebration with my husbands family.  My boy finally got the one present he was dying for, Lego Heroica.  He was one happy boy.

Her uncle made her a bed for her American Girl doll.  She was so excited.

I love these kids.

My son got tons of Legos this year...just what he wanted. :)

If you stuck around after what might possibly be the longest post I've ever written, thanks, you're probably related to me. :)  Next post...Favorite Photos of 2012.  I've got some narrowing down to do!

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  1. se ve que tuvieron una gran navidad,felicidades,,,,,no deja de sorprenderme.


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