Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hanging my Kids' Art ~ A Solution ~

I love my kids' artwork, I really do.  But...it was starting to become a problem.  My kids bring home new stuff everyday and they never want me to throw it away (I'm a pro at stuffing it in the bottom of the trash can while they aren't looking) and for a while we just put it on the fridge.  Then a couple of years ago I decided to turn our door between our garage and kitchen into a little art showcase for them.  It's a metal door so we just threw a bunch of magnets up there and let the kids put whatever they wanted on it.  It was okay for a while, but it has been driving me crazy lately.  Stuff kept falling off of it and the magnets weren't strong enough and then they would fall off too and you'd try to open that door and a magnet would get lodged under it and it would get stuck, etc.  You get the idea...time for a change.  So, the other day while I was at Target picking up a new calendar (nothing like waiting until the year has actually started!) I saw the perfect solution.  Cork board tiles!  They were around $6 for 4 of them.  They came with double sided sticky tape to mount them.  I bought a pack of cute thumbtacks and there you have it...the perfect solution!  At least for now...until I get sick of it...

I love how clean this looks compared to before (of course, I forgot to take a before photo in my excitement to hang my new tiles!).  And the kids were perfectly fine with cutting down some of their work to make it fit better.  They even let me throw some old stuff away!  I'm hoping to get rid of the alphabet at the bottom, but we still use it to quiz my son on his letter sounds, so it stays for now.

I realize that this won't work on panel doors, but for this door it's perfect.  And the cork ties in perfectly to the color on our walls.

I bought these cute thumbtacks that happened to come in blue, green, purple and pink so I just separated them out and gave my daughter 2 squares of cork with the pink and purple tacks in and ready to go.  I did the same with my son and the blue and green tacks.

I love this dog that my daughter painted over a year ago.  I just can't bring myself to take it down!

My absolute favorite piece of kid art, ever.  I'm keeping this one forever.  Our family as birds.  I love that my husband and I are kissing and he is wearing a tie and glasses!

My son's art is not quite as sophisticated yet, but I love it just the same.  That's our family on the right and a car on fire in the middle.

Hope this helps someone get some inspiration!  I love when I find a bargain solution that also looks good!

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  1. Neat! What a great idea. My mother used to hang all of our artwork on the walls going down the basement stairs... we had a rather primative playroom down there near the washer / dryer! I haven't found the prefect place in our new house for my children's drawings and sketches, yet, but maybe your idea will provide some much needed inspiration. Thanks for sharing.



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