Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 2 ~

This is my boy.  He asked me the other day while I was doing something on the computer if I could take his picture.  I almost always comply when one of my kids asks me that.  He had a super serious face the whole time and he just stood there right in front of me.  I keep my camera on my desk most of the time so I didn't even move from my chair.  He was standing so close to me that it wasn't really flattering from straight on, so I told him to turn and look out the window.  I love how this turned out.  It reminds me of these paintings that my mom has of my brother and I from when we were kids and they were of our profiles.  

The theme for this week's assignment was "Made with Love" and I have to say he qualifies. : )

I am giving a little photography workshop at our Women's Retreat for our church and while I was doing some research trying to decide what topics I wanted to cover I came across an interesting tidbit.  I have no idea where I got this, so sorry for the lack of reference...  Basically it said that when you take a photo and the person is not looking at you, but rather off to the right or left you should have them facing to the left (when looking at the photo) because our eyes go left to right and that draws your eye into the subject.  When you have the person looking to the right (as in the photo above) your eye tends to go off the page in search of what they are looking at.  So...I flipped this photo in Photoshop to see if I agree...

I'm not sure on this one.  I think my mind is confusing me because I know which way he was facing when I actually took the photo so this one seems off to me.  But I do see the point of what they were saying about your eye going off the page in the other one since he is looking off that way.  What do you guys think?  See, you learn something new all the time...even when you are a "professional"!

Have a great weekend!  Stay warm!

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  1. hmmm...i think i might agree. it was hard to gauge since you told me what i was looking for and i went searching. but as i recall, my first impression was that i liked the second photo better, even though it seemed like it had just been flipped in it's horizontal axis. i'm doing a intro class also and might use this, too. thanks! ;-)

    1. I know...I should've explained after the photo, then I would have gotten more of a gut reaction. Trying to decide what to include for a basic class is hard! And I only have 45 minutes to do it which isn't very long at all. Good luck with your class!

  2. good point about the eye looking left to right...I especially like the small freckle details that you picked up in your photo.


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