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Christmas 2011

I can't believe Christmas is over and done with and it's a new year already.  This year my kids didn't get out of school until 3 days before Christmas Eve and it just really threw me off.  I didn't get to do all the fun things I wanted to with them since there just wasn't enough time.  That makes me sad.  I need to plan better next year.  Not that I think they care in the slightest though.  I'm sure if you asked them they would say their Christmas was perfect.  That's the beauty of young kids.  It doesn't take much to make them happy.  If only we could all be like that.  We had 3 Christmas celebrations this year and I have a ton of photos.  First we went to my mom's where we celebrated with her side of the family.  This was the first Christmas without my Grandma and it was strange not having her there...and not doing it at her house.  She really, really enjoyed the kids so much and I didn't realize how nice it was having her so excited about them being so excited.  Her joy was definitely missing. We still had a good time though and I know each year it will get easier getting used to the new traditions.  So here goes...this might possibly be the most photos I've ever posted at once so bear with me.  Here's celebration #1.  Christmas Eve.

My babies in front of my mom's Christmas tree.  Had to get that shot for my collage of them together each Christmas!

All the grandkids on my mom's side.  And yes, she bought the girls those gorgeous matching dresses. 

Love this reaction when her daddy brought in her gift from her Grandmama!

A teddy bear that's bigger than her!  She loves it.  Both of my kids had to sleep on its legs that night.  In the hallway.  And since then it has moved to my daughters bed.  It's sitting right smack in the middle and the pillows are in between its legs.  Thanks mom...

He was really into checking out the back of the packaging this year.

The boys are opening identical gifts.  I totally remember doing this with one of my cousins when we were little!  The tradition continues...

After that party was over we headed home because Santa was coming!!  My kids were beyond excited about Santa this year.  They had gone to see him and asked him for a Zhu-Zhu Puppy and a Nerf Gun.  My daughter woke me up at 4am wanting to know if she could go downstairs.  No.  Again at 5am.  No.  5:30am?  No.  At about 6am she had woken her brother and they couldn't stand it anymore so I said yes.  My husband wanted to tell them something first, but they ran off down the steps so quick he didn't have a chance.  I had no idea what on earth he'd need to tell them anyway.  I followed the kids into the family room where my daughter spotted her new bike.  She was so excited and turned around and shouted, "Mommy, I got a new bike!" and then her faced changed from happy to horrified as she looked behind me into the kitchen and screamed, "Someone's here!" and jumped on the couch and hid behind the cushions.  I turned around to see what on earth she was talking about and about jumped out of my skin...there was someone standing in our kitchen in the shadows.  I looked at my husband and demanded, "Who's here?!".  I was totally freaked out.  My husband was grinning.   He walked into the kitchen to get our guest and explained that was why he wanted to tell the kids something before they went downstairs.  As they came into the light, I realized it wasn't actually a person.  It was Edward.  Yes, Edward Cullen.  A giant, life-sized cutout of the character from the Twilight movies.  I had to laugh.  What on earth?!  Talk about an unexpected gift!

I took this photo the next day to try to recreate what it was like, but it was really much darker than this since the sun hadn't come up yet.

Why hello, Edward.  Nice to see you.  I've been referring to him as my boyfriend which makes my daughter really  mad...she says daddy and her brother are my boyfriends.  Edward kept freaking us out the first couple days since he has a very similar height and build to my husband.  I can't tell you how my times my kids have started to call him daddy and talk to him!   I'm pretty sure that this will be one of those Christmas mornings we won't forget!

My daughter really wanted this dog.  She was so excited that Santa brought him!

If you've read my blog before, you know I'm pretty anti-weapons...but when your little boy sits on Santa's lap and asks him for only one thing...a nerf gun...what are you gonna do?  He loves it.  And turns out, Edward is great for target practice.  

Later that day we headed off to my Aunt's house for our 2nd Christmas celebration.  My grandma who the kids refer to as their "little grandma" was there.  So were some cousins who had moved to Oregon and another who lives in Chicago.  My uncle from Columbus was there too.  I like to see him because he really reminds me of my dad.  We usually don't stay long there because my Aunt has cats and I'm super allergic, but a Benadryl a couple hours before we went seemed to do the trick this year.

That's my grandma and she is standing up to her full height.  Look how tall my daughter looks next to her!  

My daughter was quite the social butterfly this year.  My kids are usually so shy since they don't see this side of the family very much.

Fast forward to this past weekend and we celebrated Christmas yet again with my husband's family!  Christmas #3...

My adorable nieces and some family from Texas were there.

Opening presents...my kids never get tired of that!

Aunt Bette found this old photo of my husband's grandpa when we was a kid and they thought it bore a striking resemblance to my son.  What do you think?  I tend to think he looks like my sisters, but I can't deny there is definitely something there!

Another Angry Bird...he can't get enough of them.  Love his eyelashes in this shot.

Love this shot of my girl too.

We had a great time visiting with family this year.  I can't believe it's back to the grind now.  The kids went back to school today and I've got to start taking down the Christmas decorations.  It always seems so bittersweet packing everything away.  I do enjoy getting everything out the next year and finding little treasures I'd forgotten about though.  And now we have the memories of the Christmas of Edward we can talk about too.  Well, I'm off to pay some bills and clean the house.  It's definitely back to the grind...

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  1. These are beautiful, Shawna! I love Christmas pictures...you sure got some good ones :)


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