Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fab '5'

My baby is 5!  I have no idea how that happened so quickly.  I still can hardly believe it.  In so many ways he still seems like my baby, but then in so many other ways he seems like such a big kid.  He is in kindergarten and doing great.  He is off running around in the cul-de-sac with his big sister most days after school.  He is riding his new scooter like a champ.  He doesn't take a nap anymore, "Five year old's don't take naps" he has informed me multiple times now.  He's still home with me in the afternoons though and we still have that special time together just the two of us eating lunch and hanging out.  I am trying to hold onto that for as long as I can.  It seems like every day my kids are growing up and slipping away from me no matter how tight I hold onto them.  I know that's what it is for them to grow up, but I didn't know it would feel like this.  On the other hand, I love how much fun they are now that all that hard baby and toddler stuff is long over with.  I love watching them learn and teaching them new things.  I love that they can run off and explore but they still come back and tell me with bright eyes all the things they've discovered.  Motherhood is truly a gift.  One I try to never take for granted.

Right before his birthday party showing me that he's 5.

Running off like he always does when I try to take his picture.

So excited for his golf party!  He had a golf party when he was 3 also.  We were going to do a Cars 2 party, but then his little friend had a mini golf party and he decided he wanted to do golf again.  He wanted the same exact cake too, but I couldn't find the same little golf figurines I used the last time, so this ended up being my last minute idea and he was fine with it.

My boy and his cousin who is his best buddy.  I love this!

Opening their goodie bags...I think my daughter liked hers!  

Opening his gifts.

Trying on both of his new Steeler hats at once.  His grandma and aunt had taken a recent trip to Pittsburgh so he's all geared up now.

He'd been asking for a fishing pole for an entire week before his party, so we got him one.  This is him opening it (it has transformers on it).  He was really excited and we asked him what it was and he said, "I have no idea."  It was the cutest thing.

Blowing out his candles.  I love that one in the middle!

My big 5 year old.  I love this kid.

We had a great time and thanks to everyone who came out to his party!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dean! I love all of your family's kids...they are adorable and so sweet!


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