Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Baby Boy ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This little guy is such a sweet baby.  I totally love baby boys.  They get me every time.  He sort of has a little scowl on his face most of the time and it's adorable.  He didn't sleep much for me, but even when he was awake he was just so content!  Guess that's because he's the fourth kid in his family.  His big brother and sisters were all so beautiful and sweet too.  How do I always luck out with the nicest families as clients?  Here are some of my favorites.

Love his lips in this one.

He just looks like a boy.  A beautiful one though.

What a gorgeous bunch of kids!

I love this baby bonnet.  So classic.

This might be my favorite.

Yep, he's a thumb sucker.  Too cute!

Beautiful boy.

I saved the best for last...definitely my favorite.  Do I see the tiniest hint of a smile?!

It was so great meeting this family and I hope I have the opportunity to photograph them in the future!

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