Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4 People 12 Times

Okay, so this isn't going to actually end up being 12 times because I missed June and July!  Ugh...I hate when I fail miserably at reaching a seemingly attainable goal.  I mean, 1 family photo a month (a snapshot) doesn't seem like such a hard thing, but it is.  June and July were awesome months for us.  I love summer.  I love the heat, the sunshine, the pool, the amusement park, going to the park, reading a book, wearing flip flops and tank tops...all of it.  I love summer.  Did I already say that?  Anyway, we did a lot of stuff together as a family, but I guess I just never bothered to get out the camera and take pictures of us.  Sometimes I just like to be camera free and enjoy myself.  So, I'm lumping all of summer into one and just posting our August family photo.  This photo was taken very hastily right before we left to go to my cousin's wedding.  My mom happened to be riding with us to the wedding so when she met us I forced her to take a photo of us in the front yard.  The light was horrible and it was like 90 degrees out and I was wearing very, very high heels.  So high that I almost tripped twice while trying to walk around and find a better location for this photo and then just decided to stay right there before I broke an ankle.  I have to say that those shoes are cute though!  And they make me tall.  The perfect height for slow dancing with my husband.  And I guess you can say that they were worth the risk.

Why, oh why, is my son making the most ridiculous face ever?!  Crazy kid.

I love my sweet family!

Okay, it's September and I have plenty of time for a family picture, let's just hope I can make it happen!

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