Friday, September 2, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 34 ~

This week I'm not posting pics of my kids.  What?!?  I know, I have so many pics of them on here it's obnoxious.  But this is kinda like my online scrapbook so when I see a cute pic or think of something funny they've said I'm compelled to write about it and post it on here.  So that way I won't forget.  I have a horrible memory sometimes and this blog is extremely helpful in that way.  Anyway, what I am going to post this week is something I took for the photography group Lemonade and Lenses' creative assignment.  They give a new one every other week and I missed the last one (selfie) because I had just taken a self portrait and I didn't feel like doing another one (you're supposed to take the photo after the theme is assigned as opposed to going through your photos and just randomly finding one that fits the theme) so I really wanted to do this one.  The theme is "Yellow".  I'm not always great with themes.  Sometimes I feel pressured to find a cute or original way to interpret it and then I just can't deliver.  I had actually kinda forgotten all about it when I was sitting on the front porch today watching the kids and I saw some little yellow finches in the neighbors flowers.  At least I think that's what they were...tiny little bright yellow birds.  They were so pretty!  Anyway, I went in and grabbed my camera and then tried to sneak up on them as quietly as I could since I don't have a good zoom lens.  Well...giant fail...they all flew away and I didn't get one good pic.  While walking back to my house I decided to take a photo of one of the remaining day lilies in my flower bed.

Look what I found, a little creature peeking out at me!

He climbed right out so I could get a better look at him and to my surprise he was yellow!  How perfect is that for my theme?!

This is my attempt to think outside the box a little with the theme.  I saw our croquet set sitting in the garage and that yellow ball just jumped out at I took a pic.  I kinda love this.  I like the way your eye is drawn right to the yellow.  And I like that you can see how well used and loved our croquet set is.  I have so many good memories of playing croquet with my husband even before we were married.  We pretty much destroyed that old set though...this one is our new one.  I we need another new one soon!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, everyone!!!


  1. Love the croquet pic.

  2. Ooh, I hate those bugs... they are cucumber beetles and they destroy cucumber and zucchini plants.


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