Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Miss the Beach

Ever since I changed my header to those beach photos I have been missing the beach.  Even though it is beautiful here now that it's summer, I still long for the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves.  I don't know what it is, but I just feel so much more at peace when I am near a beach.  So, since I'm not going to be near one again for about 11 months, I'll just torture myself by posting photos of our trip.  I love these so much!  I hope you enjoy them!

I love her movie star shades.

One of my favorites of the two of them.

He had made up his own sign language for yes and no (three fingers means yes, two means no), but I taught him "I love you" and he does it at the most random times and it is the sweetest thing ever!

Like father, like son.  Love this.

Hanging out at sunset.  Tired boy watching the waves.

My supermodel.

I LOVE looking at these!  What a wonderful time we had.  I just wish we could go back sooner!

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