Monday, January 4, 2010

Craigslist is Your Friend

I just love to find a good deal, I mean who doesn't these days?  Santa got my daughter an American Girl doll for Christmas and if you know anything about these dolls it's that they come with a million accessories.  You have to get outfits, and little shoes, and hair things, and they come with books.  It's actually all super adorable and I'm kinda jealous I never had one when I was little. can be a storage nightmare.  When I learned that Santa was indeed getting her a doll, I figured I better get prepared with a storage solution.  So off to Craiglist I went in search of a cabinet of some sort.  You can go to American Girl's website and see the one that they sell for a ridiculous $350.  Who buys this stuff?!  Anyway, after searching for a few days I came across the perfect cabinet for $60, but it was way down in Kentucky in the boondocks.  I figured, what the heck, driving 45 minutes to save $300 is worth it.  Plus, when I got there I talked him down to $40 (go me!).  The cabinet wasn't perfect.  I think it was made for a bathroom, but I knew I could make it into what I wanted.  So I enlisted the help of my grandpa who took out a shelf and put in a tiny clothing rod.  And I bought a couple cans of spraypaint and some new little knobs.  I think it turned out perfect.  Although I would not recommend spraypainting in the basement in the middle of winter.  Bad idea.  But it was too cold to do it in the garage according to the spraypaint can.  I am planning on doing another coat of paint in the spring.  Outside.

Here it is...

I also found a new twin bed for my son on Craigslist.  It's from Pottery Barn Kids and it lists on their website for $1000.  I got it used for $80.  Happy Craigslisting!


  1. You need a before picture you know!!! I'm sure it was not as cute in the before picture..... Jen B.

  2. I forgot to take one! It was a natural wood color with white knobs. Not as cute, but you could see the potential.

  3. oh, my word - that is so cute! Good work Shawna!


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