Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 4 ~

Yes, that's my son in the bathtub with his hat on.  I had put his hat away in the coat closet for the winter and he found it last week so he's been wearing it again.  He wore it to church too.  Then the other night we were getting ready for baths and he refused to take it off.  It was pretty cute watching him run around with nothing but a hat on.  So, I let him get in the bath with it if he agreed to take it off when it was time to wash his hair.  And he was fine with that.  But he had to put it back on right after bathtime was over.  He almost slept with it on until he realized that it wasn't really comfortable.  Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?  And this photo?  Well, I do.


  1. I love the photo... You're going to be so glad you did this blog.... Jen

  2. Thanks, Jen! You should start a blog so then I could read all about your kids too!


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