Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas ~ Cliff Notes ~

I don't want to bore you with all of the details of our various Christmas festivities.  So I thought I'd post a Cliff Notes version so you could just get all of the important highlights out of the way.  Pay attention, there may be a quiz at the end.

This is my new favorite picture of my kids.  It's just so them.  Love it.  It was taken at my grandparents house during our third Christmas celebration and they were just being silly copying each other.

Another pic of my kids taken in front of my mother's amazingly perfect Christmas tree.  I went over and saw her tree and came home and told my husband we needed to immediately throw away half our ornaments in an attempt to maybe make our tree a small fraction of how beautiful hers is.  He declined.  After all, ours has it's own, what's the word?  Charm....yeah, let's call it that.

My son checking out his new hot wheels truck.  He is obsessed with these things and will spend hours inspecting each one, okay, maybe not hours, but a good five minutes.  He got about 30 new ones this Christmas which pretty much meant he was in heaven.  By the way, have I ever mentioned that he has enormous hands?!  I thought so, but seriously, they look huge in this picture!

My daughter on Christmas morning.  Loving her bedhead here.
Oh yes, the American Girl doll.  She loved her.  She saw the box and said, "Oh, there's my doll" before she even opened it.  She named her Sophia. Then about an hour later she decided that her name was Sarah, and that one seems to have stuck.

My son opening his firetruck on Christmas morning.  Yeah, that's our 'charming' tree in the background.
I just had to throw in this picture of my husband looking thrilled at his new pajama pants.  How old do you think he looks here?  Maybe 15?  Seriously, he looks young enough to be my son.  By the way, if you know my sister in law, ask her about the time someone thought she was my brother's mother.  Actually, maybe you shouldn't...but it was hilarious...to us.

My daughter with her great aunt at another one of our Christmas celebrations.  They were checking out her new Barbie laptop.  Such a sweet pic!

My daughter and her great-grandpa.  He broke a vertebrae in his back a couple days before Christmas.  They were able to fix it with some new amazing surgery so he's home and doing great, but we did have to postpone Christmas with them for a few days.  The kids thought it was great to hang out with him in his hospital bed. 

We had a great Christmas with all of our family and hope you all did as well!  Looking forward to New Year's now! 

Pop quiz question.  What did my daughter name her doll?


  1. Love the pictures! Glad you all had a great Christmas!!

  2. That lady at Walmart in Florida was deranged...to think Debbie was my Mom - what a joke, she was a very mean lady who just did not want to sell alcohol...I think she went to Pensacola College or something!

  3. Sophia at first, then Sarah. I win!! What's my prize???!!!

  4. Great pics - I agree about your "new"favorite - it's precious!

  5. Your prize is the satisfaction of winning. Don't you hate that! Sorry!


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