Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

I was so grateful that my brother was in town for Thanksgiving even if we only got to see them for 2 days.  My mom was here too, but Papa was in Ohio.  Even though everyone else was exhausted from their week at Disney prior to Thanksgiving, we were able to enjoy a nice meal with almost everything we usually cook.  I learned this year when the suggestion was made (not by me) that we not have a big meal that the Thanksgiving food is very important to me.  There have to be mashed potatoes made by my mom with tons of butter and then there's the sweet potato casserole and the green beans that have been cooking all day with salt pork, and the gravy made from scratch and the turkey, of course, and the rolls, the corn pudding and the cranberry salad.  I just want it all!  We did skip a few things because there weren't as many people there and that was okay, but we had all the basics and it was delicious and we ate too much, but that's kinda what makes Thanksgiving so great, right?  

Another thing that made Thanksgiving special this time was that we had a dog!  Okay, no, we didn't get a dog...yet.  But my friend was looking for someone to dog sit so I volunteered my girl knowing she'd be in heaven having her own dog even if it was just for a week.  So we got Practice.  Yes, his name is Practice.  How perfect is that?!  And he really is the perfect dog.  If we could clone him I would have a dog right now as I type this.  My niece fell in love with him and so did all of us, including my mom who always acts like she doesn't like dogs, but secretly I think she really likes them.  As long as they are small and cute.  I guess I'm kinda the same way.  

Love these two boys together.  They are so funny talking about video games and who knows what else.  They talked about theology and Bible translations, sports and movies.  I seriously never know what I'm going to overhear!
My girl and her biggest fan.

Meet Practice!  Isn't he the cutest?!

Grammy and her grandkids.

More of the boys.

I like how this looks like a photo booth strip.  Notice my girl.  I thought the oldest was supposed to set the good example?

I did get a nice one with no bunny ears!

There's so much to be thankful for just in these photos!  

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  1. Yes, Thanksgiving is for keeping traditions! We cook together as a family, so everyone is involved, which is so much fun!


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