Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 2

I almost completely forgot about Photo Friday this week!  I will definitely have to get back into the swing of it so I don't end up just taking pics every Friday right before I post them.  My girl was very sweet and offered to let me take some pictures of her while she did her dog walking this afternoon.  Anytime my children willing ask to get their picture taken I jump at the chance because usually I'm met with whining and eye rolling when it comes to photos.  I had so much fun with my girl today though!  She usually does the dog walking by herself, but I think I'm going to start walking with her more.  We used to take walks all the time when we first moved here but we've gotten out of the habit of it.  Here are my favorites! 

In case you didn't already know, she got braces a couple weeks ago.  I think they make her look like a teenager!  She's going to officially be a teenager in less than two weeks!

This is Little Bit, the sweet dog that she walks almost every day for an elderly neighbor.  He loves her!

This cool door is at the entrance to our condo complex and I have another photo of her in this same spot from a few years ago and I remember her hair was so short then.  Click here to see.

See you next week!

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