Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 34

This week was spent hanging around the house again.  I'm starting to learn that summer in Florida is kinda like winter in Ohio.  You spend a lot of time inside.  It's a weird mentality.  When we lived in Ohio I felt like I needed to spend my entire summer outdoors to make up for the winter where I barely stepped outside.  Here I keep just having to remind myself that in about a month it will be gorgeous and I'll be able to spend about the next 8 months outside.  It's hard to get used to though.  It just feels weird to spend summer inside, but it is so hot that you really need to be near water if you are going to go outside for any extended amount of time.  I've been missing the park and just sitting outside on the balcony and going for walks.  It's okay though because I know those days will be back soon.  I also now understand why some homeschooling families down here might choose to homeschool through the summer.  I'm seriously considering it for next year.  Or at least some sort of modified schedule where we take a few weeks off here and there in the nice winter months and school a few weeks while it's hot.  It's just hard to do the opposite of what everyone else you know is doing.  Yesterday we spent the day at my mom's pool which was really nice.  She's headed back to Ohio for a few weeks (I'm sure it will feel wonderful compared to the heat here) and then she'll be back for the winter.  We are going to miss her!  We've gotten spoiled having her close.  I took my camera with me to the pool knowing I needed some shots for this post.  I got some fun ones, but I only took a little bit of time to take photos before I had to get in the pool myself!  Here are my favorites.

I love the way the light refraction makes everything look so distorted.  I should do a science lesson at the pool someday.

They have so much fun together.  My boy always has goggle face at the pool.

They play this game where she is a seahorse and she gives him rides.

Doing the disco jump. :)

Don't all kids love how you can pick people up in the pool?  I remember loving that when I was a kid.

Another cool shot.  In my opinion at least. :)  I like her shadow on the steps.

Have a great weekend!  Hopefully you are able to get outside and do something fun.  We'll probably be inside. ;)

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