Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 31

It was a pretty exciting week around here because my mom finally moved in to her house!  I am so happy to have her here for at least part of the year.  Her house is so cute.  I'll have to share photos on here at some point.  It's not quite photo ready yet as she still has unpacking and decorating to do, but it's definitely getting there.  I'm still busy with editing photo shoots and life in general.  I did read a book this week though, so at least I did get a little bit of relaxing in...although it was mostly just me staying up late to finish it, so it really wasn't all that relaxing.  Oh well, at least I got to read!  I took a bunch of photos on my phone as usual and didn't get out my real camera at all.  Check out my Instagram feed here if you want to see them.  So I took a couple shots of my daughter this morning in the parking lot of our building as we headed out to the grocery store to use for this post.  Obviously I'm stretching myself creatively with these...not.  But I did try out a new Photoshop action that I got as a freebie because I'm a member of the Chic Critique Forum.   I don't use a ton of actions, just a couple of favorites for sharpening and skin smoothing, but these new ones are really great.  I think they will be fabulous for beach shots.  And since I have a beach shoot coming up on Monday that will work out perfectly!  So, here are my favorite photos of the week.

My pretty girl.  I like the matte look the action gave these.

 I even used a different lens than usual.  35mm vs. my normal 50mm.  I had good intentions this week to try some new shots.  Maybe next week I'll actually follow through.  At least I got a couple cute shots of my girl.

Have a great weekend!!  I gotta's movie night and I haven't even started cooking dinner.

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