Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bananagrams Bragging

We like to play games at our house.  We are a competitive bunch which can be good and bad. :)  Last week my girl got to stay up a little later than her brother and she wanted to play Bananagrams with us.  It's kinda like scrabble, but without the board and it goes much quicker because each person is essentially building their own little board, not adding onto the others.  I just had to brag on my girl because even though she is only 8 I know she is going to be a major contender in this game.  Here is her board from the last game.

Once she figures out that she can spread it out a little more she's gonna be blowing us away.  She took a lot of time making sure the words up and down all made sense and worked.  The only word I helped her with was 'gulp' because she was having a hard time using up her last few letters.  

I'm so proud of my smarty pants girl!

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