Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 48 ~

I cannot believe that it is going to be Christmas in just a few short weeks.  I am so not ready for it.  I am totally ready for Christmas break though, that can't come soon enough!  I am looking forward to some time off with the kids to do some fun things.  I feel like we haven't taken advantage of our homeschooling flexibility enough and had outings and field trips like I've wanted to.  So, I'm hoping to change that and get out before all the regular school kids get off and make every place so crowded.  We'll see if I succeed.  My photos this week are so random.  I made my son go outside this morning so I could take his picture because he happens to have on my favorite shirt of his today.  He wasn't exactly in a cooperative mood though, so these aren't spectacular, but hey, they do show his personality!

Just imagine he is swinging that stick around like some sort of ninja weapon and making weird ninja sound effects.  Yep, that's my boy.

Funny story about his shirt.  When I got it for him I had to explain to him what that expression meant.  And I had to explain to him that that's a picture of the devil.  He didn't know who the devil was, so I explained how the devil is the enemy of God.  Then he couldn't really understand why I would want him to wear a shirt with the enemy of God on it.  :)  And then he commented on how he should not ever wear that shirt to church because that would be really bad!  He's so funny.

Not exactly super dangerous dare devil stuff...but the closest I could get.

This photo is completely unrelated, but we let the kids stay up late the other night to watch Charlie Brown Christmas and they were both warming their little butts by the fire, so I had to take a picture.  She's watching  tv from that weird angle and that's just pretty typical of my boy right down to the pj's with one leg up and one down.

Have a great weekend!

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