Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We decided a few months back to get my son bunk beds.  My daughter and him are best buds and like to have sleepovers in each others' rooms, but it was making for some less than ideal sleep most nights.  The bunk beds have been a great solution.  My daughter still has her own room that she does sleep in sometimes, but she now has the option of climbing into the top bunk when she wants a little company.  They do whisper and giggle and play with their flashlights sometimes and I'm sure there are other shenanigans going on some nights before they fall asleep.  I really don't mind though.  I'm just glad that they are such good friends.  I know someday very soon my daughter won't be caught dead in her little brother's room.  But for now, I'll enjoy those nights when I walk in to check on them before I head to bed and see things like this...

My little monkeys with their monkeys.  :)

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