Friday, November 2, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 44 ~

It was Halloween this week, so I've got a bunch of photos to share.  It was freezing and raining, so it didn't really make for the best photo-ops.  Luckily we had gone to our friends house earlier in the day for a little homeschool Halloween party and I had taken some photos of my girl there.  They have woods in their backyard which worked perfectly with my daughter's costume.  I didn't take any of my boy there and so his photos were taken super quickly in our front yard with all his millions of layers of clothing under his costume. And I didn't get any photos of the two of them together.  Oh well...  Here are my favorites!

I had a little fun with my daughter's photos. :)

I love my sweet girl.

My little ninja showing off his ninja moves.

Since he loves Ninjago this was the perfect costume for him.

Had to get a shot without the mask so you can tell who he is!

These aren't really the best photos or anything, but I thought I'd share some from our pumpkin carving.  They were really into the scooping out the guts this year.

And because I'm majorly obsessed with's one of my girl's costumes through the years.

This one isn't quite all in the right order, but it's got all his costumes on there.  I'm still in love with his Lightning McQueen one.  My favorite.

I've got a busy weekend full of photo shoots!  I'll try to post some more next week, but we'll see...this is my busy season and I'm swamped!

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  1. Beautiful photos, as always, Shawna!


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