Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 43 ~

This is gonna be super brief because we are about to start movie night and we are watching The Muppets. :) I haven't seen it yet, but we all love the muppets around here and I don't want to miss the beginning.  My photos this week are from the other day when it was absolutely gorgeous and about 80 degrees.  Today it is raining and cold.  Ohio weather is weird like that.  Here are my favorites!

 I had to make collages because I had so many.  They were having a pretty amazing leaf fight.

 I love that one that looks like she's casting a spell of leaves. Don't worry, he got her back!

My gorgeous girl.  Jumping and off to do it again.

Okay, they're calling me from the other room...

Saved my favorite for last.  Love his eyes!


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  1. Love these leaf collages, Shawna! Such sweet times.....they will be so glad to have these beautiful pics when they are older :)


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