Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 11 ~

I took some photos of my kids yesterday before I remembered to check and see what the theme for the week was.  The theme was "The Eyes of March".  Turns out I had taken a super close up of my son that would work perfect.  I was planning on sharing it anyway.  Of course, I have way more than just one to share.  The weather has been so amazing and crazy this week.  It was almost 80 the other day and then yesterday it hailed.  There are some rumblings of thunder as I type this.  It has made me really excited for spring.  It already feels like spring and the kids have already been in the backyard playing baseball and playing in the creek.  I haven't gotten my camera out much though, I really need to get better about it.  And I feel like I've gotten in a rut with taking pictures of the kids.  I'm tired of posing them and I feel like I need to get more shots of them just doing what they do.  Maybe next week.  Here are my favorite photos from this week.

Here's my boy's baby blues.  He has really light colored blue eyes.  I have always thought that he has the most unique eye shape too.  They look like Asian eyes.  A friend mentioned to me once that her daughter's are similar and she attributed it to her Native American heritage.  And my great-grandmother was Cherokee so I guess it's possible that is where he gets it.  I don't know...neither of our kids look like us, so we are always wondering where they got this or that trait.

My girl's blue eyes.  I think it's interesting that both of my kids have blue eyes but they are totally different.  Hers are so dark.  Sometimes they seem brown because of it, but they are definitely blue as you can tell here.

I have an obsession with shots of my son looking down.  I just love his eyelashes.  

I was trying to get a shot of his eyes open, but he is so sensitive to the light.  He was sitting in the shade and he kept saying it was too bright and was squinting.  I had him close his eyes and then just open them and these are the shots I got.  He looks so intense!  He could totally be a male model someday because he's got that mean / bored face down.

I had him move to a different spot since he was having trouble with the light and I got a real smile.  I love this kid.  I need to try to get a better shot of the scar on his chin because I swear it looks like a lightning bolt.  Isn't that a Harry Potter thing?

She was so excited to wear this new dress to school.  And she requested Laura Ingalls braids to go with it.

I painted my front door this past weekend.  It's still growing on me.  My son thinks it's "hideous" (where does he get these big words?) and my daughter doesn't think it matches our house.  One thing I can say is that her pink dress pops against the blue!  Maybe a new favorite backdrop?

I love this.  I love her profile and the way her dress is blowing.  It's perfect!

I love my sweet girl. 

Check out more photos at the link below!  Have a great weekend!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


  1. gorgeous shot of the eyes! and you are right - that dress pops beautifully against the door!

  2. So I have to confess that cute girls like yours, with her sweet braids and adorable dress, make me want a girl so badly!! She's so pretty and your pictures are great! :)

  3. Your kids are so beautiful! Unique and stunning... your photographs are pretty nifty too :)

  4. Beautiful shots of the children. The dress does pop against the door.

  5. Shawna...these are great! I love that fist picture of Ava up beautiful! Also, the one of Dean's eye is cool.


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