Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ordinary Days

I was just looking through some photos I took this weekend and I thought to myself, what a wonderful simple life I have.  We are so normal.  And if you told me when I was like twenty two that I was going to be so normal I would have balked at the idea.  I was one of those girls that wanted an exciting life.  I wasn't even sure I wanted kids at that point.  I wanted to live in a city and have a cool job and go to cool concerts and trendy restaurants.  I wanted to live in a historic home or building and I wanted to go on exciting vacations.  I certainly would never live in the suburbs and drive a minivan.  My twenty two year old self would have been horrified at the boring ordinariness of it all.  And yet, here I sit in my suburban box of a house, with my minivan in the garage, in the same town I grew up in and I couldn't be happier.  It's kind of ironic.  When I think back to when I was a little girl of about ten years old, my dream would've been much more similar to what it is now.  To be a mom...to live close to my own mother, to stay home with my kids, to be married to a handsome man who loves me, to go to the same church I've gone to my whole life with my same friends from when I was ten.  I guess I was wiser and more true to myself then than when I thought I was so smart and confident and self sufficient in my early twenties.  I look at my daughter and how she wants to be a mom, and maybe a teacher, or an author and an illustrator and I think that sounds like a pretty good plan.  I'm sure she'll go through the same types of things I did on her way there, but that's the beauty of life and experience making you the person that you are.  I'm just enjoying watching my sweet family and loving the simpleness of beautiful spring days and weekends at home doing a bunch of what seems like nothing exciting.  But to me it's perfect.

Daffodils from my front yard.  Is there anything more uplifting than the true sign that spring has arrived?

My son set up this "leprechaun trap" on Saturday to since it was St. Patrick's Day.  He stole the 'gold', but the trap didn't catch him, sneaky leprechaun!

My daughter's trap.  She outdid herself this year.  A path of 'gold' with ramps and ladders up to the trap.

The inside of the trap with yellow paint waiting in the bottom.  He messed with her trap and took her trail of gold too, but he's a sneaky little guy.  :)

My boys.  I love that he fell asleep on his dad's shoulder.  What a sweet sight for me.  I couldn't help but take a picture of it.  I love these two so much.

Here's to more ordinary boring moments.  I look forward to enjoying even more now that spring is finally here!

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