Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saving What's Important

The other day there was a tornado that came through our area.  It actually ended up hitting south of us, but we were still in the tornado warning zone, so my kids were freaking out.  They had cancelled all after school activities at my daughter's school and told the kids to go straight to their cars when they let them out.  So, she came home convinced there was a tornado on it's way that very minute.  It's weird, as scared as my kids are of tornadoes they actually love that they get to go hang out in the basement.  I was just watching the weather on tv and they were gathering things for what they thought would be quite the campout for the evening.  They had snacks, water, and all of the things that were important to them.  It's interesting to see what they took down to save from the storm.  From the looks of it, I could get rid of about 99% of their stuff and they'd be okay with it.  Which is least they realize that it's just stuff and it's replaceable.  Here's what they saved.

Their "guys".  And of course, my son's blankies, and my daughter's art box (on the far right you can see part of it).  They were on a mission to make sure all of their guys were saved.  Then my son started crying because he forgot to save his Steeler bobblehead.  He said if the tornado comes he will be all broken.  I had no idea he liked him so much.

My daughter, all excited to spend the evening hanging out down here.  She remembers when we had that bad hurricane wind a few years ago that knocked out the power for 3 days.  She still talks about how much fun that was.  She loved having the candles lit and cooking everything outside on the grill and cleaning up all the sticks and debris in the yard.  I think she wants it to happen again because she thought it was so fun!

I don't want to make light of the storm though.  I am so thankful it didn't hit near us, but it was a deadly storm and I feel for the families who lost everything including their loved ones.  I hope my children never have to experience the true devastation of a storm like that.  I did take one thing of mine downstairs during the warning.  My camera.  Guess it does kinda make you think about what's really important to you.  Not that my camera is irreplaceable, but if something happened, I'd want to be able to take pictures.  I guess it's in my blood.  What would you save?

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  1. We took snacks and blankies. I grabbed the laptop and my camera, too. :)


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