Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 26 ~

This week was busy with 4th of July celebrations and running errands sprinkled with a few fun things for the kids.  First up, this photo I took yesterday at fountain square in downtown Cincinnati.  I had to drop off my photo for that contest I won and so my mom drove down with me so she could sit with the kids while I ran it in.  Afterwards we took the kids to lunch on fountain square.  It was so nice!  We got them food from a little hot dog vendor and then we lucked out because there was a new grilled cheese restaurant that was serving food on the square.  Yum.  I love grilled cheese.  Of course when I took my camera out of my bag I realized that my battery was about to die...seriously?  I am so unprepared.  It lasted though and I was even able to take my kids to an alleyway and do a little 10 minute photo shoot.  I'll share those in their own post though because there are sooo many good ones!  

I love this blown out photo of the fountain.  It is so beautiful.

My kids loved the fountain.  Plus, a photo like this is like a requirement if you live in Cincinnati.

My sweet boy.  It was so hot and humid, but he was a trooper.

I kinda like this perspective of the fountain.  I like how you are peeking at it through the leaves.  This was the view from our lunch table.

We went to my inlaws for a cookout and we were hurrying home so that we could see the fireworks.  I like the sun set reflecting on us as we drive.

Fireworks!  They were awesome.  We went to Kings Island and parked and sat on a blanket in the parking lot (they have some strips of grass).  That's the new ride that your seeing in some of the pics, and those dotted lights are going up the hill of one of the roller coasters.  People were still riding while the fireworks were going off.  That would be so fun...and kinda scary!

Okay, I'm off to the pool!!  That's right, my brother's pool is finally fixed and it looks amazing.  It finally feels like summer!

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