Monday, July 25, 2011

And Everything Nice ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This photo shoot is of my sweet little nieces.  I did their photos last year as well Sugar and Spice ~ A Photo Shoot ~ and that shoot is worth checking out just to see how much they've grown!   I love taking their photos so much since it gives me a chance to try to capture their cute little personalities.  We started out in my backyard and then headed over to a local park to do the rest.  They were troopers and kept up with me even though they really just wanted to go to the playground (I would too if I were them).  My daughter came along to provide some entertainment and they got to see her infamous booty smacking dance.  Hey, whatever works for a smile... Here are some of my many favorites from their shoot.

I have the most beautiful nieces!

I adore this photo of her.  She is so beautiful!  No way does she look like a six year old.

Don't they have the most beautiful blue eyes?!   She is such a cutie, I just wanna squish her!

This is so her.  She was doing some modeling for me while flipping her hair.

She always has this sweet, angelic look about her.  I've heard stories that she's not always so angelic, but I've never witnessed it.  I'm sure she gets away with murder with this cute face.

I love this's just so summery.  The perfect backdrop and I love her butterfly headband.  I love when the outfits and the location work together so well.

Love this too.

She looks so big in this photo!  They are growing up so fast.

I love her smile!

Posing again.  Love her.

Love her too.

Last one.

I am so lucky to have such adorable nieces to photograph as they grow up!  I hope to do their senior photos someday...won't it be fun to look back each year at them?


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