Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 29 ~

I joined this fabulous group Lemonade and Lenses and they have a bi-monthly project to help inspire and motivate photographers.  The first theme was 'stripes' and today was supposed to be the last day to post a photo and of course in the entire two weeks since I've known about it I hadn't taken one single photo that would qualify.  Figures.  So, I talked to my girl this morning to see how she'd feel about modeling for me in something striped.  She was all for it so we scoured her closet and came up with this dress.  Then I decided to do something different with her hair and I came up with this little side bun.  I love it and so did she!  I definitely think it's going into heavy rotation with the oh so popular ponytail in back and Laura Ingalls braids.  I took all of these photos in our backyard.  It's nice because I already know where the good spots are, but the light was a little different since I normally do evening photos there.  I kinda love the hazy look the sun gave these though.  And I processed them to be a little warm and pink just for fun.  Here you go...

She is totally my muse.  I love her face.  I love the way she moves her body.  I love the way she is so graceful and fluid and she doesn't even know she's doing it.  I love her serious face.  I love her squishy cheeks.  I love her hair and the way the wind grabs it.  I hope she continues to indulge me in the future, but for now, these photos represent just how I see her today.  They are perfect.


  1. gorgeous! and i'm so glad you did one! because of our gathering and general business, and there have been a few other late;) will be in the board...on monday;) yay!!!


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