Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 15 ~

After a really hard couple of weeks for my kids (two funerals, a nightmare, a couple of upset stomachs, lots of crying and tantrums) it was so nice to get outside yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We all needed it.  I snapped a bunch of pictures while the kids were playing and having some easter egg hunts.  Here are my favorites.

The dimple...I love his dimple so's a very subtle one that you don't usually notice unless he's smiling really big.  I love that I caught it so well in this picture.  He was laughing at his sister.

This series of pics is awesome.  It's just so them.  I wanted a couple pics of the two of them together so I just had them sit down and put their arms around each other.  Here's what happened...
The second pic is from when he bumped her head too hard when putting their heads closer for me.  And that kissing pic where they are smashing their noses together cracks me up.  And the fierce hugging?  So them.  I love how much they love each other.

Me and my girl.  Extreme closeup.  Too bad my girl is a little out of focus.  Oh's the best I got and I hardly have any pics of the two of us.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great images as always. The last one of you and your daughter is adorable.

  2. they are so cuuuuuuuute,,,


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