Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 People 12 Times

Okay, so this monthly project that I thought was going to be sooo easy is proving to be much harder than I thought!  Here it is halfway through April and I'm just sitting down to do March's post.  Oh well...I will stick with it and hopefully by December I'll have it figured out!  If you missed the first post in this series, click here to see what this is all about.

Um, so these family photos aren't exactly turning out as awesome as I'd hoped.  I have this vision of us having fun together and just pulling out the camera and setting the timer to get a couple shots amidst our fun.  Yeah, not so easy.  We were having fun at this playground, but as soon as I asked them to stand still for a couple shots these are the faces I got.  And this is much more posed than I'd like.  But...it's us.  And that's the point. The 4 of us, together.  As I went through my calendar trying to see what happened this past month in our lives I find that it seemed very normal.  The kids went to school, my husband went to work, we had playdates, and   my book club met, I hosted Bible study on Thursday mornings, and I sold the kids' old clothes at a twice yearly sale for mothers.  But under the surface of all those activities I was having second thoughts about our private school decision and my grandmother was sick in a rehab facility and then home again.  So it was a stressful month in those ways.  My daughter went to testing for her new school and I was breathing easier about our decision.  My grandmother needed more care so I started taking my son with me in the mornings to their home and helping out.  I felt guilty about making my son go hang out there every day, but now that my grandmother has passed away I realize that it was a gift for him to get to see her so much.  He is such a sweet, sensitive boy...I really do think he has some sort of gift of compassion.  I've rarely seen a child that young be so sympathetic and in tune to people's needs.  I feel like this past month was one that was building towards change.  I'm saddened but also looking forward to changes in our lives.  I feel like every winter I just go into some sort of hibernation mode and don't get much done and now that spring is finally here I am ready to shed my blankets and open the windows and get some things done.  Hopefully I'll have made some progress before the end of the month to report to you.  Better get started...

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  1. Can I just say that you will love pictures like this later! Everyone has posed "perfect" looking pictures. How much fun will your kids have looking at a picture like this when they are in their 20's? :)


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