Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You might expect from the title of this post that it's going to be about my son, who everyone knows is a super tough kid, but it's not.  It's about my daughter.  My sweet little girly girl.  She has this amazing ability to always get hurt.  Kinda like her mom who used to have a reputation for being a little clumsy.  And by used to I mean 'still does' and by a little I mean 'a lot'.  Apparently my parents used to joke about how I could do all these complicated tap dance and ballet moves and appear graceful, but I couldn't walk without bumping into something.  I don't think my daughter is quite that bad, but she does have an amazing ability to walk through a room and be oblivious to everything on the floor and step on every toy in her path. 

A couple weeks ago I went to my cousin's bachelorette party and the kids stayed home with their dad.  When I got home after 1 o'clock in the morning my husband was still up.  Hmm, that's weird, he doesn't usually wait up for me.  Turns out, my daughter had somehow fallen and ended up with a huge black eye and he stayed up to tell me about it.  I was thinking just a bruise, but when I went up to check on her, her whole entire eye was swollen shut!  She looked like she had been in a boxing match...with the couch.  Apparently she was trying to run and jump on the couch and completely misjudged it (surprise) and somehow landed with her face into the frame. 

Then this past week she was messing around in our van and somehow sliced her finger open.  As I'm walking her into the house she is dripping blood everywhere and screaming bloody murder like her whole hand got cut off (she has a flair for the dramatic).  I think she was just freaked out by the blood.  We called my mom which is what we always do when someone gets hurt around here for some reason.  My husband handed me the phone and says it's Dr. Mom and my daughter looks at me totally serious and says, "Did Grandmama used to be a doctor?"  She's so funny.  Turned out she was fine, no stiches needed. 

Hopefully we can be injury free here for the next few weeks.  At least through the holidays.  We're all out of band aids too. 

My little prize fighter.  Why do they always get hurt on their faces?!

This is her first big boo boo that also happened when I wasn't at home. Figures. By the way, can you believe how big her cheeks were?! So cute.

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