Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Izzy ~A Photo Shoot~

Let me just start by saying that when you meet a friend at work and then you stay friends even after you don't work there anymore, that's a true friend.  Some good friends of ours (one of whom worked with my husband at one point, and who just happened to have an awesome wife who I am now friends with) just had their first baby.  Everyone who knows them couldn't wait for them to have kids because they are that couple that everyone's kids adore.  I mean, my kids cannot wait for them to come over and chase them around the house and cause all sorts of mayhem.  Everyone knew they would make amazing parents.  And now here they are, with this adorable, perfect baby girl.  And we were right, I can already tell after just two weeks with this little person that she thinks they are amazing and they think she is.  What a sweet family and what a pleasure for me to be able to capture some of their love on camera.  They warned me that she has a temper, but she was a perfect little angel for me. 

Makes me want another one...just kidding...kinda.

I'm not sure what she was more confused by, my enormous camera in her face, or the enormous flower in her face.  Have to give her mom a hard time about the flower. :)

Love those sweet baby lips.

Love her intense eyes.


I adore this picture!  What a gorgeous momma!

I love the expressions on both their faces...

I wore her out.

Congratulations you guys!  We can't wait to watch little Izzy grow up and be joined by some more little "jams" in the future!

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  1. Such a beautiful baby! From what I read about their parents, I wish I knew them more than just people who are in my fantasy football league....


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