Friday, November 13, 2009

Capturing the Quiet

The quiet moments at our house are few and far between.  With all the kids running around it seems that there is always some sort of noise.  Even if it's just the constant talking and singing.  No one ever tells you about the lack of quiet before you have kids.  There is like this constant background noise.  Maybe I'm just more sensitive to it than most people...after all, my family has at times referred to me as the "librarian" for my hatred of loudness.  It didn't help that I grew up in a family with four kids and a father who liked the tv on at all times turned up to a level that drowned us all out.  Which, by the way, I have found that my husband now does the same thing!  It still bothers me too.  I mean, don't you think that turning the tv up is just adding to the chaos?  Anyway, I have learned to cherish silence.  When it only happens once in a blue moon you really do appreciate it.  The other day I was snapping pictures of the kids, just practicing using the fully manual mode and I happened to catch a few of those quieter moments on film. 

Here's my son concentrating on something.  I just adore his long eyelashes.  You can't really see them sometimes since they are so light, but they are there.

Here's my daughter pretending to sleep.  Hey, pretend sleep is good too, as long as they are quiet!  Just wish it lasted longer...  I adore her eyelashes too.  She's so lucky they are dark and she won't have to be like me obsessing about my mascara since mine are practically transparent.

Hopefully you can enjoy some quiet today and please cherish it for me if you do.

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