Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wrestling with Contentment

You know that feeling when you find someone you think is super cool? And then suddenly you are back in high school trying to copy them. Wishing you had what they had. Thinking everything would be right in your life if you could just be more like them? I just found that person. Her website is I love finding cool people like this and hate it all at the same time. It makes me feel suddenly inadequate. I mean this woman lives on a ranch with a hot husband (no offense to mine, whose pretty hot himself), she homeschools four kids, is an amazing photographer, an amazing cook, and an amazing writer. Pretty much everything I want to be, minus the 4 kids part. I read her posts and am inspired. I think 'I could move to a cattle ranch, I could make my blog amazing and thousands of people would read it, I could cook that for dinner, I could homeschool my daughter'. But then I remember that living in the suburbs is kinda nice. And I hate the smell of cows. And I don't really like cooking all that much. And I'm working on the photography thing...and the blog thing. And besides, there are probably people out there who wish they were me. :)


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