Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I don't mind when my husband spends the day at the golf course.

So, my family loves golf. My son, let's call him "Buddy" for the purposes of this blog, is 2 and a half and he is obsessed. All day he wants to play golf. He just got new golf clubs, they are like real clubs, not plastic and he loves them. He sleeps with them. He takes them in the car (along with a ball and a "key" (what he calls tees). It's really stinkin cute. Except when it's raining and he can't golf outside. Then it's just really annoying. He wants to hit a "big shot" with his driver. This is his ultimate goal in life right now. He'll get so mad at himself if he can't hit it very far. Reminds me of me and how I used to get so upset if I didn't do something just right. He's very persistent. I have daydreams of him joining the PGA Tour someday and buying his parents a big house as a thanks for supporting him in following his dreams. No pressure for a 2 year old, right? But really, I do hope he keeps at it since it is a lifelong sport and something we can all do as a family. My husband took my daughter golfing at a par 3 course while we were in Florida for vacation and it was just so cute to see how excited they both were. I think it will be great father/daughter bonding for them as she grows up. Someday it will be my turn to golf. When we have the kids grown and don't need a babysitter and we have tons of extra money lying around (yeah right!). But for now I am enjoying the times we have at the driving range as a family and even just the times in the backyard. Thanks to my husband for introducing me to such a lovely sport.

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