Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Hitched ~a photo blog~

So this past Saturday I took photos at a wedding. Not like just random photos, but like the actual wedding photos. No pressure or anything. Here's how it happened. I'm talking with my sister in law who was a bridesmaid and she tells me that the bride's photographer hasn't returned any of her calls in six weeks. Whoa, that sucks, what are they gonna do? Well, the bride's dad is going to take them. Isn't that gonna be kinda hard to take pictures while walking her down the aisle and giving her away? Well, being the nice person that I am, I offer to take pictures for her for free along with a huge disclaimer that I'm not a professional and the pictures could turn out awful and I've never taken pictures at a wedding before. So my sister in law calls the bride and she actually takes me up on my offer which I wasn't really expecting to be honest. So...for the next three days before the wedding I pretty much just stressed about it. I even had a nightmare in which I couldn't get the beep sound on my camera to turn off and while trying to fix it I missed the entire wedding. And then as the bride and groom are walking down the aisle towards me a huge pregnant lady shoves me out of the way and starts taking the pictures. Weird.
Anyway, the wedding day came and I took the pictures. And nothing horrible happened and my camera didn't beep. Although the focus was off for a few. I sometimes hate that camera. But overall they are pretty good. But I'm not a professional, so what do I know? Here's just a few...
The cake.

The bride.

The bouquet.

Fun candid of the groom. I'm pretty sure he didn't know I was even there.

Bride and Groom outside the reception site.

My favorite.


  1. OMG...you should be SOOOO proud of yourself!!! They are really good! But, WOW...that would have COMPLETELY stressed me out. Can't wait to see you in Delaware. Hugs from me and Jacob!

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