Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Day of Celebrating the Birthday Boy

For my baby's birthday this year we didn't have a party.  It would be kinda hard since we hardly know anyone yet.  But his Grandmama did come all the way from Ohio to help celebrate (and to help me a bit too...and I'm sure the fact that we live by the beach had nothing to do with it). :)  Anyway, it was quite different from the normal family shindig we have.  To be honest it was a heck of a lot easier for me and I didn't mind a bit.  And the only complaint from my boy was that he didn't get as many presents as usual, but it could be because some are still in the mail.  He did get one box from his Grandma that he was super excited about, a new putting green!  And we can't forget his $50 from Texas that he was already counting on and was so happy to get.  It's still in the piggy bank for now.

I still wanted his day to be special though so we did do a few things to make it fun.  I hung the balloon/streamer curtain in the hallway to surprise him when he woke up.  Then we let him open one present before my husband went to work.  It was a pretty big deal and if you know me you will know how much when I tell you what it was.  Drum roll please..............................................................................a pet fish!  He has been asking for a pet puffer fish for a couple of years now (which I think is super cute, by the way), but of course, I wouldn't even consider it.  I'm pretty anti-pets.  I'm allergic to everything and I just don't have the energy to deal with what to do with one when we go on vacation, etc.  But...mommy guilt is an amazing thing.  I feel so, so bad about moving our kids so far away from all of their friends that suddenly getting him something that he wanted so bad seemed like a wonderful idea.  Okay, so we didn't get him a puffer fish.  We went to the pet store and got a fish tank and all the decorations and stuff that went with it.  Then you have to set up your tank and wait a couple of days for the water to be okay for fish to live in.  So, we got our fish this morning.  I'm a sucker and we actually come home with not one, not two, but four fish!  Two for each of the kids.  Of course I couldn't not let my girl get a pet too!  I don't have any pics of them yet, but they are cute.  They named them Maggie, Pinky, Blue Laser and Red Laser.  I'll let you guess whose fish is whose. :)

Back to my original story...after he opened the fish tank we got donuts for breakfast.  I let him pick what he wanted to do for the day and he picked, "nothing".  And he meant it.  We sat around all day and did a bunch of nothing and waited for daddy to get home so we could go putt-putt.  Before that we headed to dinner though and he picked Steak and Shake (his new favorite from the survey, I noticed).  Putt-putt was a big hit and then we came home and opened a couple more presents before he went to bed.  I'd say all in all it was a pretty big success.  I think we should do the low key birthday thing more often.  I took a bunch of photos, so without further ado, here they are!

Starting the day off with some fun.

I'm not sure who was more excited about the fish tank, him or her.

During our doing 'nothing' part of the day we got the fish tank all set up.  I have to admit, I really do like it.  I just hope I don't regret it.

While he was doing nothing, I was busy making this cake.  It was hard, but I think it turned out pretty cute.  And most importantly my boy thought it was awesome.

Just hanging out.  I have since cut his hair and he looks so much older now!  I need a new picture.  

I love the hats they give out there.  Too cute.

When we headed over to putt putt she forgot she still had her hat on. :)  She's checking out...

...these guys.  

Putt putting in paradise.  She still hadn't noticed the hat yet. ;)

I've seen these so many times down here and they are just so beautiful.  I love that tropical flowers like this that cost a fortune at home just grow around here like a daisy or something would back in Ohio.

Can you believe this tree growing out and turning at a right angle like that?  So cool!

These trees are everywhere down here and I cannot even explain how beautiful they are!  I love them so much.  My goal is to get some awesome photographs of them.  They are all around our condo complex.

She was bouncing the swinging bridge like crazy so that I couldn't cross.  I love my silly, wild girl.

Back at home and shirtless (of course) and opening more presents.  Grandmama got him a new swimsuit.  He didn't even unwrap it all the way when he realized it was clothes.  Just dropped it in the floor.  Boys...  I appreciate it though and it's totally a cute suit from Janie and Jack. :)

Opening a little Lego set from his sister.  He said, "Now that's more like it!" when he opened it. 

He really wanted Lego Galaxy Squad and Grandmama pulled through with her other gifts.

One happy boy.

He was even building them while blowing out his candles. I'd say he had a pretty great day.

Happy Birthday to my baby.  Yep, my big, giant seven year old baby.  He'll always be my baby!

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