Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am way behind on my blogging.  I'm mostly caught up on all my work since everyone is feeling better in our family now (knock on wood) so I'm hoping to get all caught up on my blogging too.  Today's blog is about my daughter's birthday party which was a few weeks ago now, but I still want to share about it, because my baby girl only turns 7 once!  This year I took her to the party store and let her pick her own birthday theme.  She chose princess.  It was a generic, pink princess theme, and by generic I just mean that it wasn't one of the famous princesses.  We decorated in pink and more pink.  It was perfect for my girly girl.  She decided that she wanted cupcakes this year instead of a cake.  And she wanted cherries on top of them.  She knew what she wanted this year...gone are the days of me deciding her party themes, she's a big kid now.  This was for her family party which we do every year.  I let her decide if she wanted to have some friends over for a kid party or take one friend and do something special.  Since she couldn't narrow down her party list enough (I said no more than 7 friends and her list was a mile long with every little girl she knows on it) she decided to invite just one special friend to see Tangled with us.  That was a great movie, by the way, and we had a great time and it was so much easier and cheaper than having a party!  Already she's been to a party for a friend at school that involved limo rides for about 25 little girls.  How am I supposed to compete with that?  I am so happy that my sweet girl is content with what we are able to give her.  Here are some pics of her party!

Seven!  I still can't believe it.

We have had that tent for a long time and it had been in the basement so I brought it back up for the party and it looked perfect!

The cupcakes.  We made an assembly line where I frosted, my son did the sprinkles and my daughter did the cherries.  Yum.

When we were at the party store she begged for this crazy headband so I caved in and got it for her.  It was from the section of the store meant for adult Forty and Fabulous or something like that.  She also insisted on wearing her old Halloween costume from 2 years ago as her party dress.  She has tons of really pretty church dresses that I was hoping she'd choose from, but hey, it's her party...

Opening gifts.  She got a lot of zhu zhu pet accessories.

And some new clothes.  I love that she loves to get new clothes!  

Wearing her new earmuffs.  One of the few things she begged for.

She even wore them while blowing out her candles!

I love this picture.

She got this dress with a matching dress for her doll.  She also got the cutest American Girl nightgown for her and her doll too and she loves it.  That's Ruby.  When my daughter is tan in the summer I think she looks just like her.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!  I know she's seven, but she will always be my baby!

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  1. You did a wonderful job decorating! (And those earmuffs are sooo Ava :)


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