Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Getaway

I love weekend trips. I love that you can just throw your bag together the night before. I love that you don't really have to "plan" for it. I love that it's like a vacation without all the stress of a real vacation. Ahhh...

We had a great time. My allergies stayed at bay for the first two days thanks to my new miracle drug, Zyrtec. That stuff really does work.

We saw an elk on our way through the mountains.

We shopped. I found a great dress for a wedding we are going to in a couple weeks. I left it there on accident.

We ate. Donuts for breakfast and ice cream for a treat.

We didn't cook once.

We had a picnic lunch at Deep Creek which my daughter kept accidentally calling "Deep Lake".

We saw some 4th cousins that we never see. They have rabbits and chickens. We pet the rabbits and fed the "bock bocks" which is what my son called them.

We picked blackberries.

We saw the sunset.

It was pretty much perfect. Can't wait to do it again. Here are some pictures...

Our cousin Jerry and his adorable daughter, Becca showing us their rabbit.

At the entrance to the park. I have many pics of my brother and I by this sign. (Actually, that sign is new, but it's the same spot.)

At Deep Creek throwing rocks.

My daughter at Deep Creek.

We didn't get many blackberries, but it was still fun.

The outhouse I told you about in my previous post. My mom actually was going to use it because as we were leaving we had already locked up the house and she had to go. I told her she was insane because my kids and I had just looked inside and there were giant spider webs. She thought we were exaggerating until she saw for herself and changed her mind!

A picture of the road that I was trying to describe in a previous post. They had just finished picking the blackberries.

The elk.

Beautiful mountain view.

More beautiful scenery.

My baby girl at the top of the mountain.

With her babydoll, Rosita.

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