Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Halloween 2017

This past year for Halloween we spent the evening with good friends and hopefully it will become a little tradition.  The kids all went trick-or-treating and the adults passed out candy in the driveway of our friends' house in one of those neighborhoods that becomes overrun with families by the hundreds in an insane but very fun way!  I walked around with my girl and her friends for what was probably the last time (but you never know!) and my boy went around with one of his friends and one of the dads.  It was a perfect arrangement.  

My boy dressed up as one of those crazy blowing things that you see at used car lots.  They have a name but now I can't think of it.  A lot of the older people he saw while trick-or-treating thought he was Gumby, but of course he had no idea who that was and was slightly annoyed by it.  We made his costume from 2 pop up hampers and some fabric.  It was so fun coming up with another creative idea with him.

My girl wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Luckily she decided way in advance and I was able to get an amazing deal on a dress on Amazon that took forever to ship from China.  It's nice she can still wear kids' sizes since it makes it easier to find fun, cheaper options.  I'm glad she hadn't changed her mind in the time it took to arrive, although she did go back and forth a few times about whether or not it was cool to dress like a princess, but in the end she went with it and she had lots of fun.  My niece was here the week of Halloween and we went to a little festival at a park and a bunch of little girls came up to my girl and thought she was the real Belle and wanted a hug!  So cute! 

Had to do the collage!  It's tradition!

I love looking back at all their old costumes!  They were so little!

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