Friday, June 30, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 26 ~

The library is one of our favorite places.  Actually it's one of my favorite places and one of my girl's favorite places.  My boy is not so much of a fan, but that's okay.  I'm sure it's building character every time I drag him someplace he doesn't want to go, right?  I do kinda feel bad though now that I think about it because this week I also dragged him to the mall with his sister and some friends of ours who just have girls.  He was very patient with our shopping though and I did take him to the Lego store at the end.  It's good practice for when he's married.  :)  

This morning we headed to the library and I grabbed my camera on the way out the door thinking I might want to snap some shots for Photo Friday.  I am so back in the groove now!  I needed to talk to the librarian about a book that they said we had water damaged so we went to the Safety Harbor library which isn't one we usually go to.  I got it all straightened out and my fine was erased (yay!) while my girl browsed the teen section and my boy sat in a chair looking bored.  No pics of him today.  We did find out that they have a great selection of DVD's so we got a bunch so we can veg out and watch movies on some of these hot summer afternoons when we don't want to go outside.  After my girl selected her books we walked over to the more deserted adult section for some quick photos.  It was so fun and she was in a great mood because she was at one of her favorite places.  Here are my favorites!

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