Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 19 ~

I'm getting ready for a quick trip to Ohio to meet my new nephew, but I wanted to get my Photo Friday posted so I'm not too far behind again.  I can't wait to hold sweet baby Bryson and get some newborn snuggles in!  But first up, here are some photos of the number one little boy in my life.  I took these the other day while we were getting ready for church.  He had just taken a shower and his hair looked so red because it was still damp.  I saw my camera sitting out and decided to grab it and take a few quick shots.  He was busy playing Minecraft on his Kindle, which he does daily for his allotted hour of screen time, but I figured I might as well have a photo of it!  A few months ago he discovered his daddy's old Calvin and Hobbes books and they are his new favorites so I snapped a photo of him reading when he ran out of screen time.  I want to remember that when he was 10 these were the things he liked to do.  I love that sweet boy so much and wish he would stop growing up so fast!  I swear it was like a week ago when he was a newborn.  I'm trying to savor what time I have left.  Here are my favorites this week.    

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