Saturday, February 18, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Weeks 6 & 7

We have a dog!  I seriously never in a million years thought I would have a dog.  But years of relentless begging by my dog loving daughter and here I am.  Technically it's her dog, but she's already starting to feel like our dog.  The last couple of weeks have been busy around here trying to figure out how to do life with a dog.  Her name is Buffy.  I love her name!  It was originally gonna be Roxy, but Buffy won out and I'm glad it did.  I like how it's so girly, but then it has a tough connotation to it because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I let my girl watch Season 1 of that show recently so I think that's what sealed the deal.  

We got Buffy from a breeder in Orlando.  She's a 4 year old Golden Yorkie and they were retiring her.  She was living in a house with a fenced yard and another little Yorkie, so the first week here was hard for her with being on a leash for the first time and having to be taken outside and down the stairs to go potty.  Also, they spoke Spanish at her old house so we weren't even sure she understood any of our commands at first.  We are two weeks in now and she's doing pretty great though!  She's even liking her crate and she already has her spots where she likes to hang out during the day.  She's claimed the bean bag in my girl's room as her spot in that room and we refer to her as queen bee when she sits there because she's so little in it.  She has a little pillow that we put by our sliding glass door and she likes to hang out there when we are all in the living room.  She mostly just follows my girl wherever she goes.  She's definitely her person.  I'm second favorite and the boys she's not too sure of yet.  

My criteria for getting a dog were pretty ridiculous and I wasn't sure we'd ever get one because of it.  I wanted a Yorkie or a Maltese that was not a puppy, already house trained, and small enough to carry around and take places with us.  If it was a Yorkie it had to have stick up ears, and it needed to not be too old, not bark too much, and pretty much be the cutest, most perfect dog you've ever seen.  So, yeah, I was being difficult, but it turns out I got everything on my list.  Buffy is pretty much perfect!  We love her and although life was definitely easier and cheaper without her, we are getting used to it.  I've taken a ton of photos of her with my phone, she even already has her own Instagram account.  

Here are some photos I snapped of her with my good camera yesterday.  Confession...I tried to cut her hair myself and it was an epic fail.  So we will be taking her to the groomer soon for a cuter cut.   And the people we got her from had cut the hair right between her eyes before we got her so we have to wait for that to grow out too.  She's already cute as is, but she'll be even cuter soon!  

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