Friday, December 30, 2016

This Girl of Mine

She's the prettiest.  

She's the smartest.

She's the funniest.

She's the sweetest.

I'm totally biased and I don't care.  She's the best daughter any mom could ever ask for and I don't deserve her.  She'll hate me for posting all these pics of her but she'll get over it, because like I said, she's the sweetest.  

I love her.

Some fun before, during and afters of her haircut.

She's so silly and funny, although she often 'suffers from embarrassment' (a phrase we've stolen from the Paddington movie) and hates when I post about her silly side.  Like I said, she'll forgive me. ;)

From a random good hair day when she was in a rare mood to let me take some photos.  I love them all and can't pick a favorite!


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