Wednesday, September 7, 2016

San Francisco Day 2

After my first day alone in the city, I was totally ready for day two.  I had originally wanted to take a bicycle tour, but once I saw the bike lanes, the hills and the traffic, I decided against it.  So I did a little research...and by research I mean I looked at like 2 brochures/maps that I had gotten from the hotel lobby and decided to take a ferry ride to Sausalito.  Like I said, planning ahead is not my thing and you know what, it always totally works out in the end.  I put on my walking shoes and headed down to the concierge to see if he thought I could walk to the Ferry Building from our hotel.  He mapped it out for me and said it would be a nice 20-30 minute walk.  It was a nice walk, but it was through the more businessy part of the city.  It was like I was in a totally different city from the day before.  Once I got close to the Ferry Building there were lots of street vendors and I ended up getting some really cute handmade earrings for only $5 (totally in my budget!).  The Ferry Building is right on the water and is one of the locations the ferry boats go in and out from.  It was a fun place with lots of shopping vendors and little restaurants inside.  It reminded me a little bit of Findlay Market for my Cincinnati friends.  I hadn't bought my ferry ticket ahead so I found the kiosk you buy them from outside and of course I had just missed a ferry by like 5 minutes so I had time to kill waiting for the next one.  I ate at one of the little restaurants inside that had a view of the water. 

The ferry ride was fun, but I definitely preferred the fishing boat ride from the day before.  It was SO windy!   The weather that day was not sunny and nice like the first day either.  It was completely foggy.  The Golden Gate Bridge was completely covered and if I hadn't seen it the day before I would've been so disappointed.  At least I got to experience all the different crazy weather they have out there in the short time I was there!  Once I got to Sausalito I could see why everything thinks it's so charming.  I had heard that it was like a European town.  It was very cute and had lots of upscale shops.  I was bummed though because I was really excited to see the community of houseboats they have there, but it was really far from the ferry stop and I didn't have time to walk that far and there was no public transportation there.  It rained for a while so I found a coffee shop to hang out in.  I did score a Christmas ornament at another little shop there too.  We have a tradition of getting Christmas ornaments as our souvenir when we go on trips.  It makes it fun to remember places we've been when decorating our tree!  After shopping I just went for another walk to get a feel for the town and to take some more photos.  I got to the ferry stop early because I didn't want it to fill up and me to not be able to get on.  After another windy ride back to the Ferry Building I was exhausted.  I was originally planning on walking back to the hotel but decided I didn't have the energy for that.  Luckily I was able to catch a bus right across the street and it took me just 2 blocks from my hotel.  

The fog had burned off by the time I took the ferry back.

After a brief rest at the hotel, my hubby was done with his conference and ready to go out!  It was so nice to be able to hang out with him in the city for a change.  As much as I enjoyed my time alone, I really prefer having someone I love to share the fun with.  I was so excited because we were finally going to ride the cable car.  I also decided to ditch my big camera at this point because it's so heavy and I was done with lugging it around.  The cable car was SO fun!  I loved it.  I wanted to be one of the people hanging off the side but there weren't any of those spots open so we were standing and holding on on the inside.  If we go back to San Fran someday I want to go to the Cable Car Museum because I think it would be fascinating to find out more about how they work.  We took the cable car from our hotel all the way down to Fisherman's Wharf where we got off and headed to dinner.  I can't remember the name of the place we ate but it had a nice view of the water and good seafood.  Which I realize could be almost any place down there.  We walked all around after dinner too and then decided to get an Uber back to the hotel since my hubby doesn't love the bus like I do.  Our Uber driver was so nice and he even took us down Lombard Street (the crooked street).  He also recommended we go get drinks at this cool bar that was near our hotel, so after he dropped us off we took his advice and headed there.  It was called the Redwood Room and it was awesome.  The whole place was made of Redwood and was built in the 1920's.  They also had these cool paintings that had eyes that would move.  It was supposed to be like an Italian soap opera.  I am not doing it any justice, but trust me, if you are in the city, go have a drink there.   

Gosh, I've only written about one day and this is like a novel!  I'll be back to finish up our vacation photos soon!  


  1. Love those pictures! Hope I make it to that lil 20's bar one day! ;)

  2. Love those pictures! Hope I make it to that lil 20's bar one day! ;)


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