Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Asheville Getaway

We had so much fun during the two days we spent in Asheville this summer.  I really wanted to visit there because I'd really never been there even though we normally vacation in the Smokeys about an hour from there.  I had also been wanting to take my husband to the Biltmore House ever since we went to the Hurst Castle in California.  I knew since he loves history he would love the Biltmore House.  I had been there way back when I was in high school and remember loving it.  After looking it up and finding out that kids under 16 were free this summer I decided we should definitely go.  My mom wanted to visit too since she hadn't been since that high school trip and we were able to use her military discount too.  We drove over from Bryson City and stopped in Waynesville for lunch on the way.  It was just a nice leisurely day.  We checked into our hotel and then we just set out to explore downtown Asheville.  It's a really fun city with a ton of restaurants and bars.  They have like more breweries than anywhere in America or something like that!  My husband appreciated that.  We stopped for drinks at one of the places and the kids got Shirley Temples which they thought was super fun.  All the restaurants have great outdoor areas so I'm glad we went when it was warm outside.  We went to a bunch of cute shops too.  The next day we explored the Biltmore House which was just as beautiful as I remembered.  We got there as it was opening and we had lunch at a cafe in the Carriage House and I got a Christmas ornament for my souvenir (that's tradition).  We walked through the gardens and then as our bus driver took us back to our car she took us on a little scenic tour and we noticed a waterfall that I didn't know was there.  We drove back by it in our car and got out and explored a bit. It was such a wonderful day and it was a perfect vacation activity.  We ended the night with dinner back in downtown Asheville before we headed to the airport for home.  I love that we were able to tack that trip onto our Ohio trip.  I had a great time and I cannot wait to go visit there again!  Here are some favorite iPhone shots from our trip!

Can you spot my kids in this one?  They look so tiny next to the massive house!

My girl's souvenir was a tiny terrarium necklace.  That shopping center had beautiful architecture.

My girl showing off her origami skills at dinner.

What a fun couple of days we had!  Now I need to figure out where we are going to go next!

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