Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Life in Squares

I look at my blog archives a lot because when I do I immediately feel a drop in my blood pressure and can sense my body relaxing.  I think I read somewhere once (probably on the internet so who knows if it's true!) that looking at old photos really does relax people.  I believe it.  It works for me.  I am so glad I started this blog six whole years ago when I was staying home with toddlers.  It has been so therapeutic to me to be able to go back and read about moments I most certainly would have forgotten had I not written about them.  I have gotten out of the habit though and that makes me so upset with myself.  The first couple of years I blogged I wrote around 100 posts a year.  In 2015 I've only written 5 so far.  That's just sad.  There are so many moments worth writing about and remembering. 

One good and bad thing that I have done is to take a lot of photos with my iPhone and Instagram them.  I think it's been good because if I hadn't I would only have a handful of photos from our lives this past year.  It's been bad because I've gotten lazy about using my real camera and actually sitting down to write about the stories that go along with the photos.  

This is a catch up post.  I downloaded all of my phone photos to my computer for that past year and I picked out my favorites.  If I wrote about every single photo this would be the longest blog post known to man, so I won't.  I think these photos will just have to serve to jog my memory and I'm hoping that will be enough.  Luckily my kids are old enough to really help with the remembering now.  I read somewhere (I'm sure it was the internet again!) that kids' brains don't really hold on to memories until they are about 7 years old.  I guess I feel a little better knowing my kids are both older than that, so hopefully some of these moments will have stuck.

These are from Spring of 2014, when cousins came to visit, teeth were lost, there was lots of golfing, my kids' first boat ride, Easter, and a trip to Panama City Beach.

More from Spring 2014 with Panama City Beach, golf, and good friends visiting.

Summer 2014 with more beach fun, their first time on a plane, a trip to Ohio, some pool days and some napping on the beach.

Fall 2014 with fun at parks and the farmer's market, a bff visit, a trip to the Smokey's, short hair in preparation for chemo, and another trip to Ohio.

Winter 2014/2015 came with beautiful moments enjoying nature and a visit from family.

In Winter 2015 there were plenty of beach days, a birthday girl and a friend's wedding.

Winter/Spring 2015 brought more visitors from Ohio and lots of hanging out at Grandmama's house while enjoying the beautiful weather of Florida.

As I was labeling these I just had to laugh about how hard it is to tell what season these are from!  Florida problems. :)  Glad I did this before I really forget when they are from.

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