Friday, June 13, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 24

We finally finished up school this week and I am so happy to be done!  I might be happier than the kids.  We celebrated by eating Oreo's and drawing with sidewalk chalk and hanging out on our big green quilt outside.  It's the little things...  I am so looking forward to some lazy summer days.  I didn't pick up my camera once this week, but I did take a bunch with my phone that I shared on Instagram.  I decided to make my account public, so if you've tried to view my photos before and couldn't, you should be able to now.  I figured that was easier than reposting pictures on here.  So go on over here and check them out and leave a comment or two if you see something you like. :)  We spent some time this week at the driving range getting ready for the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition tomorrow.  The kids are so nervous.  They've never really done any sort of sporting competition.  I think it will be really good experience for them.  I'm gonna take the camera for sure, so I'll be sure to share some shots next week!

I got out the camera this morning, once again disappointed in myself for not planning ahead and getting it out sooner.  The kids were just playing around the house and it was raining so we couldn't go for a walk or anything.  So I just asked them to go on the balcony and took a few quick shots of each of them.  These are my favorites.

My girl was reading a book this morning and decided to dress up 'old fashioned' like the character in the book.  This is what she came up with.  I love that she gets into her books.  One positive aspect of homeschooling I've noticed is that she no longer feels a lot of peer pressure to grow up and fit in.  I guess some people might view that as a negative or one of those weird homeschooler stereotypes, but I find it utterly refreshing when a kid isn't afraid to still act like a kid and isn't afraid to like what she likes for fear of what some other kids her age might think of it.  I love that she's become more confident in who she is and that we've found like minded friends whose kids are also in no hurry to grow up.  After all, she's only 10!

This boy...what to say...I love the twinkle in his eye here.  I love his gap tooth smile and his freckles and his affinity for always being shirtless.  He let me cut his hair this week when I convinced him it would keep him from getting so sweaty.  I love it even though it does make him look more grown up.  Isn't it crazy how much we hold onto our 'babies' and hate every little thing that makes them seem older?  Or is that just me?

We are off to the library today since my girl is out of books.  And then to the driving range for a little more practice for tomorrow's big competition.  If you think of it, say a little prayer for my kiddos around 9am.  Have a great weekend!!

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